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Talent recruitment
Talent recruitment

 , company, professional services
month; baby sitter; household cleaners; hourly.
II, and personnel recruitment requirements
1, and love maternal and child health and domestic service career, character good, has love, and patience and dedication spirit;
2, and no infectious disease and the major disease history, no disability, and pregnant, no bad habits, and bad behavior;
3, and candidates must documents complete, in company for gang Qian training, by training qualified rear can induction. Professional
female, 28-55, junior high school or higher education and that they have the experience (doctors certificate or month license, and have relevant work experience is preferred).
baby sitter:
female, 20-50, junior high school or higher education (with relevant work experience is preferred).
household cleaners:
female, 18-50, primary school or above; handsome, healthy, well-behaved.
/> III, professional confinement: negotiable; baby sitter: negotiable; household cleaners: negotiable.

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