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Full moon head

  baby's first haircut, you can at home, you can also find professional hairdresser to get a haircut.
home baby haircut, first buy a suitable baby hair is very important, the noise is small or mute the hair Clipper, eliminating baby's sense of fear and the blade does not have direct contact with your baby's skin, the length of the hair is through the attachment control.
hair with SOAP and water before cleaning finger ready to ensure hand hygiene. Disinfected with alcohol swab to Barber's machine.
for when the baby hair soft, not competing and baby, follow your baby's movements. Always pay attention to your baby's facial expressions, and if the baby is not happy and want to cry, please stop shaving. This is done to prevent baby crying hurt the baby. Whole haircut process to continuously communicate with babies, encouraging baby, distract your baby's attention, for the purpose of interaction and the baby.
after the cut, better get going to the baby removed hair, don't let the pieces sent to the baby's eyes.
If parents worry that their acting is bad, you can find a professional hairdresser to reasons for baby hair, be sure to select a skilled experienced hairdresser. Moreover, this Barber must pass a physical examination before they can. Hair tool to double check, have to use baby-specific tool for hair, and after strict disinfection. Public service institutions can come to some free haircut baby hair, is also a good choice.


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