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Prolactin tongru

  is the first gift of God bless the newborn breast milk, there is no food like milk contains such a wealth of nutrition, digestive organs so for newborns is not yet mature. Personally by the mother to feed the child, not only can increase physical contact between mother and child and emotional communication, also makes the mother feel cannot be replaced by a unique relationship with children, fully arouse the maternal love. Meanwhile, baby can also get satisfaction and security that makes baby happy, highly conducive to development of the brain and mental health. Therefore, the World Health Organization (WHO), exclusive breastfeeding for at least 4 months, China also May 20 every year as "breastfeeding day in China", vigorously to promote breastfeeding.
However, in real life, many people's understanding of breastfeeding is not comprehensive and accurate enough, many new mothers because of less milk or no milk, resulting in newborns won't get enough milk, even had to abandon breastfeeding. This is very unfortunate phenomenon. Research shows that milk lacks in addition to associated with maternal health, nutritional, emotional, but most critical depends on ductal patency. To resolve this problem, the best method is the result of prolactin architects a unique massage, massage to improve local blood circulation, promote the secretion of milk and excreted.


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