Remind the importance of urination in postpartum, constipation

  postpartum general action is not easy, especially after a caesarean section because of the wound, bed and walking is difficult, and baby during childbirth shortly after the urine volume, so, for women who have limited dexterity, but also to focus on urination and prevent constipation. Self discharge urine as soon as possible, so as to avoid bladder distension, impede the recovery of the uterus. If 6-8 hours after delivery has yet to discharge urine, urinate maternal himself will be trying to get out of bed, you can put a hot water bottle on abdomen, using warm water slowly washed the vulva and a sound of rushing to stimulate and induce urination.
of postpartum maternal need bed rest and decreased peristalsis, and perineal pain than solution of feces and urine, constipation often occurs, this requires preventive work. Postpartum in the previous two days, there won't be any problems because most enema during childbirth, so within two days if there is no shit, don't panic. When important is bed rest after childbirth, mothers should drink more water, eat more fiber-rich vegetables, fruits, and then establish regular bowel habits, conditioned, so that you can save a lot of bowel pain. The maternal
after cesarean section, because the wound causes, probably is not very convenient for action within a week, women under the family to take care of at this time, not just to children, regardless of the adult, be sure to pay attention to postpartum urination, prevents the formation of constipation.

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