Baby month teach you how to use diet to help treat summer cough

  high summer temperatures, the baby is likely to have symptoms of fever, coupled with weak constitutions and children themselves, the resistance is not strong, coughs, colds, and fever are often small, although it is not difficult to cure, but prompt treatment, but the baby without medication, what should I do? Is there any way to treat can help the baby, and she likes it.
month teaches you some methods using diet to help treat summer baby coughs.
when the baby suddenly coughing because it's too hot, this is a heat, Mama can give your baby eat gourd, gourd, and so on.
yellow when baby is coughing, phlegm and the tongue is yellow, belong to the type of phlegm-heat cough, you can use white radish soup or stir-fried shredded white radish, there is heat and phlegm, and able to pass stool, or let your baby eat fried gourd, some winter melon soup was also good.
in addition, when the baby from the heat of the environment back to the air conditioning room, cold can also cause coughing, it is hot outside in cold cough. At this point, the mothers can prepare for 3 small pieces of ginger, chopped, cooked rice into gruel, twice a day, eat 3-5 days in a row. Warming spleen and stomach, cold, Lee lung-qi.
whose baby coughing, phlegm is low, it is with a bit of fever due to Yin deficiency, you can use bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae grind into fine powder, steam with pears, add some sugar, cough works best. If coughing long, usually in the middle of the night, encountered or a humid environment or ask to smell, the smell of smoke, then consider whether allergic cough. Or if I was with a history of allergy or asthma history, to bring a baby to the hospital for an allergen. Mother can do with Ginkgo congee or pork ribs soup with gingko, but Ginkgo has little poison, be sure to simmer down a very bad to eat well.
MOM is to keep indoor air fresh, appropriate temperature, humidity, and pay attention to air disinfection, no smoking, prevent the smoke and smell stimuli. Also, when in air-conditioned rooms, attention should be added to baby clothes, paying particular attention to corruption do not let children cold drink cold and prevent cold aggravated coughing.
diet, try to diet, after all the medicine, will also serve to reduce antibodies to the baby's body, found the baby coughing, it is necessary to make timely improvements, let the healthy growth of children.


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