Near the time of childbirth in pregnant women how to meet nutritional requirements

  We all know that pregnancy can be divided into several stages to note one of the most significant is the second and final stages when it is most likely to affect the baby's, generally close to delivering babies in mothers fast long inside the body during pregnancy at this time MOM generally will feel always hungry, be sure to increase the intensity of nutrition, Hangs Word when the age is the time is the time to baby brain development during pregnancy as a whole so babies absorb nutrients peaks at this time in order for our baby to intelligent and healthy mothers eat a Word. Must be to meet the baby's brain required nutritional needs.
lung development at this time when the baby's weight will increase the demand for nutrients increases. Most months she might understand in the last month of pregnancy in general body swelling may occur, if there is such a phenomenon in some of our new mothers do not know next month, she will do it well Guide, below our main delivery early mothers of effects in embryo and baby needs.
babies need the most energy at this time, so we must choose foods containing minerals make mothers eat, drink eating seafood for the nutrition express or something like that. Shrimp and so on are also scary is to increase the body's mineral and calcium-rich foods containing iron. In addition protein is very important at this time MOM mothers most of the nutrients to the baby at this time is need nutritional supplements most prone to insufficient blood supply, so at this time mom who needs to add some protein to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, fatty acids and DHA supplementation. DHA is the fetal brain and eye development and nutrients needed to maintain normal function, we all know the body's organs cannot be synthesized in the body, most of the energy is obtained from the transaction. Say eat more fish baby smarter, higher levels of DHA in fish this time new mothers have to pay more attention to eating ... Said all this word or that word at this time must pay attention to is the nutrition of this piece. State training professional catering division provides professional confined feeding programme to allow mothers to be assured we have not satisfied with professional security services are available to you. Final national received a State domestic company all staff wishes everyone a happy holiday and pay attention to safety.


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