Postpartum mothers usually have what is the best

  young mother for child health now more and more about a lot of mothers during pregnancy but hopes to be able to understand what do prenatal benefits for baby, postpartum were began to pay attention to maintenance. Mothers after pregnancy is a very easy thing. When the babies were born and mothers most weak this time make sure that mothers nutritional supplement, in order to ensure sufficient milk does not let the baby hungry belly ... State domestic professional baby sitter advice new mothers after childbirth should eat more protein-containing foods such as eggs, soy protein is very rich, help enrich MOM's body began to recover, and can have milk supply. There is attention to eat some foods with vitamins such as kelp, fish, shrimp, vegetables and fruits, are the best choice. All these things contribute to postpartum recovery including allows body milk supply for the baby to have a healthy body.
has just given birth to the baby is the mother, who was the most weak when confinement should be noted that the first meal postpartum must pay attention to select easily digestible suggested liquid so as not to put too much pressure on mother's digestive system to digest
, we confined this meal plan is eating egg drop soup with poached egg.
from ancient times in our country are sitting out. I understand were the first childbirth is postpartum need to rest for a month, this month can't do anything ... Pay attention to nutrient mix. Limited in the past due to lots of moms postpartum simply add some nutrition and then rest for a month and it was sitting out one out ... People's life is getting better now. During confinement are many mothers in addition to nursed back to health, we would like to bang home a professional dietitian also planned out our mothers prepared meals, in addition during the confinement period we moms can be bored about the postpartum body of knowledge including our dietitians to give us some guiding recommendations.


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