After delivery how to breast care

  after the baby is born, mothers can felt more relaxed at the same time there are a lot of confused baby shortly after birth mothers breast soreness can occur, which is a physical phenomenon in the early postpartum, now due to some new mothers prenatal care factors and the cause of the body's overall lead to distending pain in postpartum breast breast milk and so on ... Still others mothers appear ductal blockages that, if this applies to you, please do not worry, this is new mothers for postpartum problems may occur.
in the early postpartum in order to help new mothers not to let baby starve while the new mother was absent for no milk or breast swelling is confused. Specialized health workers with years of experience as a corporate trainer prolactin, the month of the year for music company specializing in the prolactin technical training, I confined the confinement is not only able to help mothers care, as well as help you puzzle out. Le confinement using techniques of massage prolactin can block milk cans through massage open let the milk flow and to prevent cases of hyperplasia of mammary glands.
in addition in addition to massage psychological counseling is very important, some mothers for prolactin technology some unsuitable or some other reaction can easily lead to strained not to the expected effect of prolactin. This time our prolactin through professional counseling can help new moms feel relaxed, accepting prolactin massage so as to achieve the purpose of breastfeeding, which the kids are not hungry.
finally to tell new mothers need to be aware that breast-feeding must pay attention to nutrition, body resistance is one of the weakest at this time, need to eat nutritional supplements best treated by doctor introduced by integrated therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. Increased immunity to postpartum recovery go more smoothly at the same time less painful effect is better.


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