Senior high confinement where

  This years confinement of mother are has from $literal inadvertently between turned to has $literal even also some after the are said 80, and 90 of mother are for months sister-in-law of requirements is high, with with industry of development also has has some new of service, like first of when we only provides months sister-in-law of service now according to different customer of different needs we has professional of months sister-in-law team, also for regularly of maternal and child knowledge training, through company unified organization of Juna also exam zhihou put months sister-in-law is divided into primary months sister-in-law, and intermediate months sister-in-law , And advanced month. Due to the company's overall development, including requirements for confinement training in line with 80 now, after the mothers demand so business is good.
due to this way is and trustworthy mother are of welcomes, so many of businesses to can rob to business, also opened has such of service put months sister-in-law points has about grade, but some real of work do of is not in place, Qian paragraph time has a customer angrily of run to company for daughter-in-law confinement he find has a months sister-in-law company recommended has gold months sister-in-law is we said of senior months sister-in-law, care daughter-in-law and small grandson, But by a few days will find that this month and the confinement is no different, and in some places almost at all know that without professional training. He went to his company, others said he did not know. Stretch zhixia on find we side to has, customer angry of said: "I on not understand has this senior months sister-in-law what high to has there" heard has customer such of complaints I is ashamed, was a is good of industry method how let others implementation down on stale has does?
due to this pieces things we company draw has others company of lessons, in yihou of training process in the we insisted no months sister-in-law we can not sent but absolute not sent some not knows not of to flickers customer. To do most of the domestic industry is word of mouth. Not from personnel call the classification services not classified above. This company also has professional responsibilities, primary month duty intermediate confinement and high month functions, and so on. So convenient when the company management can also help our customers in cooperation will be able to learn the advanced month where high is for marketing are bragging or indeed have some value-added services.


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