Month to share child-rearing knowledge: small baby pillows order

  baby to sleep with a pillow? When do you use MOM and how to choose the right baby pillow? Month to share knowledge, small pillows, and a great scholar.
baby pillow high or low, will affect the unobstructed breathing and the circulation of blood in the neck, and affects the quality of sleep and mental state during the day, baby pillow height is to the right, depending on your baby's age and physical characteristics have been determined.
kid spine straight, flat at the back and head in the same plane, neck and back muscles naturally relax, side head and the body are in the same plane, if the pillow, but easier to bend the neck, which can cause breathing difficulties, which affect the normal growth and development. Therefore, the newborn pillow is not required. But in order to prevent vomiting milk and, if necessary, can be properly padded neonates with upper body a little.
month baby, spine straight, head relatively larger, almost shoulder-width apart, when supine, head and back in the same plane, so there is no need to use pillows, towels folded into 40 percent of the adults wash eyelids can also be used as a pillow.
baby 3 months he started to learn the rise, the physiological curvature of the cervical spine began to move forward. 6 months babies begin to learn to sit, the physiological curvature of the thoracic spine began to appear backward, development increased shoulder width. If you do not have a pillow, head low, will make the brain blood more than one pillow, which may affect the baby to sleep. So 3 months babies should start using a pillow. Baby pillow height 4 cm or so, children of 6-9 cm.
in addition, the mother should pay attention to your baby's pillow soft and hard, and my baby's pillow case, pillow regular washing and drying. Strong due to the baby's metabolism, sweating of the head, easily soaked pillows when sleeping, causing sweat mixed with dandruff, and thus will produce some pathogenic microorganisms and mites, allergens such as dust sticking on the pillow is not only stink, is also likely to cause bronchial asthma symptoms or cause skin infections. Therefore, mothers should pay attention to baby pillow clean and dry.


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