Four new Mommy nipples burst

  now many mummies would give the baby to breastfeed, but some of Mommy's nipples skin is delicate, not allow the baby to suck for a long time, can sometimes lead to nipple crack. Especially for those poor nipples protruding nipples short alive is painful for the new Mommy, in that case, it is easy to nipples RIP. Lead to reduced time to feed the baby, and even pain can't allow the baby to suck. If this continues, will lead to more deposition within the breast, and gradually decomposes, it creates growing environment for germs. Once the bacteria from the nipples RIP invaded, would thrive in the breast, causing mastitis and abscess occurs.
month to teach you four nipples burst:
, new Mommy wash with warm water before and after each feeding nipples, areola, thereby keeping the nipple and the surrounding dry and clean, prevent cracks in the skin.
II, when the new Mommy is temporarily unable to feed baby, milk-pump suction available milk also may be out of and then feed your baby, do not stop baby, or milk appears to reduce, or due to galactostasis and mastitis.
when he was three, when the nipple slightly broken, please keep the nipples dry, exposure to sunlight or the light bulb will soon heal. This time, the new Mommy must pay attention, do not use a towel or cloth covers the nipples, not to use tight Bras, while not suitable for nipple apply oil, ointments or creams care products etc.
at the pain, nipple cracks much of four, you can use the baby taking cod liver oil drops onto breaks, when their own when treatment did not improve, can be processed in a timely manner to hospital asking doctors for help.
in short, nipples burst, must pay attention to the nipple and the surrounding clean and tidy.


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