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How do medicines for the baby won't cry

  1. Stupid Xiong Xian to eat!
whether it is examined, and injections, let your baby's little pet to lead. For example, let nurse Mao Maoxiong temperature, measuring heartbeat. In the presence of babies first Teddy bear medicine, stimulate the baby when "bear" does not, to brave it.
2. Nipple smart pills. Pacifiers in the
into the pharmacy, let your baby drugs like sucking a pacifier sucking. When babies are aware to eat when, already ate. Then add a little sugar in the nipple, and help drug dilution, while easing bitter.
3. Spray-type medicine.
oral syringe can be effective in helping your baby to take the medicine. Jets best location inside of the cheeks, not stretch too, in case the baby is choking or coughing. Injection without a one-time injection, point at a time and allow the baby to digest.
4. Baby, look up.
Let the baby sat up vertically, and then head over hanging toys, attract the baby looked up, when your baby focus at one o'clock, mouth slightly open, quickly drop drug, if skilled, can be achieved, "God does not know, Bao feel" effect.
5. Clever use of "spoiled".
baby when you don't feel well, is very effective in encouraging appreciation, don't worry about spoiling him, it is just a temporary means of comfort. You can give your baby a piece of candy, a cup of juice with him, watching cartoons, but the premise is good medicine. Asked her favorite princess dress for example medicine, let her in much satisfaction in reality you desire.
6. Love pass.
baby in your smile and rhythmic tones of relaxing medication. You can show your good looks, to try to attract the baby soon drinking medicine. We refer to "medicine" the term, to refer to sweets or chocolate-like fun.
7. Ice drug.
to your doctor about whether drug can be put in the refrigerator. In General, refrigerated drugs, not too heavy. Ice water in advance of "paralysis" baby little tongue, can effectively reduce the taste of the medicine.
8. Skillfully hidden drugs.
chocolate sauce is to hide the unpleasant taste of the best baby. Take medicine with a spoonful of chocolate mixed in, like a spoonful of sugar, it is easy to swallow. However, these methods do not use on babies under six months of age, and no honey (under one year old baby food can lead to botulism) and peanut butter (can easily cause food allergies) mixed with clothing.
consult with a doctor to determine whether the drug can be mixed with food. Best not mixed with drugs in breast milk, because if the baby is found to have drugs, and may refuse the next lactation.
9. Release permission.
two or three babies think about themselves-their own spoon to eat. Give them some space, but are around to take the medicine as the theme: for example, you use a spoon to take the medicine or are eaten with a cup? You are the medicine before the game, or after you eat? Let her choose the medicine way, will let him have a "master". Babies tend to fight for their rights and interests, and brave enough to take the pill.
10. Medicine food.
is bitter, so long in a honey jar of baby "eat bitterness", really hurts, Ah! However, we may be a little magic, if medicine is a liquid, you can add a little sugar or fruit juice, sweet sucks, you're done! If it is a solid pharmaceutical, pills can be grind into powder, stir in the puree or powdered milk, let the baby unwittingly good medicine!
11. Tell the truth, and truth.
Let the baby know that medicine though bitter, but will make them healthy, and sometimes, the best way is to tell the truth. Face to face with baby sitting before it with a spoonful of medicine, tell your baby, taking pills, it will become a strong warrior. Rather than strive for the trouble, might as well let the baby clearly the drug, what has let him know, medicine is their brave performance.
12. Package wrap, blow air.
baby with blanket wrap, prevents him from using his hands to resist medication; drug after entrance, you can gently blowing on baby face, reflected from the physiological point of view, can help the baby swallow effectively.
13. Drug design.
other than liquid, drugs have a variety of different forms, such as chewable tablets and tablets. Baby 2 years old can also take chewable tablets, but parents must be careful guidance, help secure chewed and swallowed. Instant pill is a good choice, once the baby's saliva, pills immediately melt. According to the child's individual differences and choose the right drugs.

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