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Newborns need plenty of sleep

  maybe some parents question: newborn sleep for so long, if he is ill, how do parents know? it's MOM and dad look at baby's life, milk is not a normal, waking mental state is good, if newborn can eat, sleep, weight gain is normal it does not matter.
neonatal development of various organs is not perfect yet, daily need plenty of sleep, or sleep longer in the body, it can be said that newborns grew up during sleep. Since sleep is so important, new MOM and dad should know, newborns sleep a day is.
sleep is an important part of life, a good night's sleep can eliminate fatigue, helps the body's metabolism and promote growth and development, it is more important for newborns. But baby at each age, time for sleep needs are different. Approximately 18-20 hours of daily sleep of newborn, 2 months baby is about 16-18 hours a day, 9 month baby needs sleep 14-15 hours, time to babies under 1 year old, for 13-14 hours of needed sleep.
of neonatal brain is not yet mature, relatively short duration of the excitement of the nervous system, and tires easily. Newborns have adequate sleep in order to ensure the development of tissues and organs. If a new enough sleep, the baby brain maturation and growth of organs is very negative.
normal newborn baby soon after eating milk goes to sleep, woke up hungry and feeding, eating and sleeping. Neonatal other than milk, toilet, sleeps the rest of the time. Some new mothers, thinks the baby is sick, how old are sleeping. This is actually normal, sleep is a physiological needs of newborns. Younger babies need to sleep longer.

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