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Autumn fertilization benefits

  1. between August or September when the summer comes, nocturnal sleep of pregnant women under the influence of heat small, rest, nutrition and vitamin intake for pregnant women are full are favorable for fetal brain development and mental development after birth.
2.  40-60 days when pregnancy occurs early in the pregnancy, just in September or October, pregnant women are mostly poor appetite, Super picky, but at the wide variety of vegetables, fruits, can regulate appetite, protect the baby's nutritional needs.
3. After two or three months of pregnancy comes as the late autumn, cool climate, increased appetite of pregnant women, fetal growth and development is beneficial. Ample sunshine, pregnant women often bask in the Sun, can produce large amounts of vitamin d in the body, promote the absorption of calcium, phosphorus, and helps the bone growth of fetus.
4. before and after the corresponding due date is next May. When the delivery is late spring and early summer, with spring, the temperatures, breastfeeding, baby bath are not easy to catch a cold, vegetables, fish, eggs and other food supply is also very rich in maternal good appetite, breast milk is rich in nutrients, are "sitting out one season.
5. snowy winters and cold spring carrying influenza, rubella, epidemic encephalitis and other viruses when Shanshan, gestational age of the fetus has been more than 3 months, safely through the teratogenic sensitive period.
6. in ensuring the quality of breast milk at the same time, newborn baby, pack light, little limbs freely, is good for the brain and body development.
7. the children after a full moon, it was summer, trees, fresh air, sunshine and outdoor solarium and air baths.
8. children before and after half a year in autumn in October, the increase when food supplement has successfully evaded enteritis, intestinal diseases in the summer season.
9. children learning to walk, start weaning age, are spring and summer, mild climate, fresh food adequate, providing favourable conditions for the growth and development of children. And, from spring to summer, gastro-easy to adapt, weaning easier to succeed.
above, the late summer and early autumn is the best season of conception.

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