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Factors affecting pregnancy

  before getting pregnant, MOM's diet is particularly important, not only prevents pregnancy should eat the wrong things, and make the couple in a dangerous situation. Again trying to conceive you, pregnancy diet should not have the 3 kinds of errors before eating.
ate too little
many modern women in pursuit of slim build, often on a diet, resulting in a deficiency of certain nutrients. Whether eggs could fertilized, vitality has a great relationship with them.
If nutritional deficiencies can make eggs declined, or irregular menstrual periods, leading to infertility. Moreover, pre-pregnancy nutritional deficiencies can also affect pregnancy first formed in early embryonic development.
pregnancy early is heart, and liver, and kidney, and intestinal, and stomach, important organ differentiation period, brain also in fast development, must from maternal get various sufficient of nutrition, and these nutrition need maternal in pregnancy Qian on for reserves, or fetal of early development will by effect, as low weight son chances increases or development deformity; addition, pregnancy Qian nutrition insufficient also will effect breast development, caused postpartum lactating milk insufficient, effect breast feeding.
it is well known that the main ingredient is ethanol, increased catecholamine concentration of alcohol in the body, and can lead to irregular periods in women, amenorrhea, variation of egg production, no sex drive or stop ovulation. Too much coffee: coffee have direct effects on pregnancy.
survey showed that women who drank more than a cup of coffee, the possibility of pregnancy just don't consume such drinks are half. So women if you are pregnant, you should drink less coffee.
eat too much
many women gave birth to healthy babies, pregnancy before increasing the intake of protein and other nutrients. In fact, protein-rich food intake affects pregnancy success rates of women.
study found that if the protein-rich foods in your diet (including meat, eggs, dairy, beans, etc) is more than 25%, it will interfere with the normal genetic imprinting in the early embryonic development, embryo implantation and fetal growth, resulting in increased risk of miscarriage.

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