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Six fall baby food fruit

  according to TCM principles of nutrition, in the fall be sure to eat things such as green onion, ginger, garlic, chives, pepper and other effects of the goods, in case of excess lung. Eat some sour fruits and vegetables, increase liver function, protects against excessive invasion of the lung. Following mothers can choose fruit, let your baby taste the fruit feast.
in autumn, the baby should eat some sour fruits and vegetables, increase liver function, protects against excessive invasion of the lung.
Carambola: sweet, sour, flat, thirst, according to ancient medical books: "thirst solution, and removal of heat, diuresis, and bad in children. "Autumn babies susceptible to wind-heat cough, sore throat, use clean fresh Carambola can cure.
Apple: nutritious fruit to share, one of the outside except for the fresh or processed. Chinese medicine believes that Apple has a fluid, lungs, in addition to annoying, stimulate the appetite, diarrhea, bowel function. Infant indigestion, juice clothing. Apple to prevent and eliminate fatigue, potassium in Apple, combined with excess sodium in the body, and excreted.
grapefruit: pickle, cold, nontoxic, can alleviate coughing and stomach digestion, detumescence and acesodyne, pulp-style sweet and sour taste. Yuzu vitamin c-rich said. Vitamin p slightly more content than citrus, Tangerine, Orange, and therefore more conducive to obesity in babies.
pomegranates: sweet, sour, warm, pesticidal, convergence and astringent in intestinal, diarrhoea and other effects. Pomegranate fruits are nutritious, vitamin c content one or two times higher than the Apple and pear.
mangoes: sweet, sour, bitter, nontoxic, with yiwei, thirst, diuretic effect. Mango color, smell and taste were good, very high nutrition, rich in vitamins and sugars, and easy entrance, very suitable for baby food.
grapes: sweet, sour, fresh sweet and sour taste, thirst, appetite and digestion. Contains a large number of grape of grape acid, fructose, but also contains protein, amino acid, citric acid, Malic acid, vitamin c, beta-carotene, riboflavin, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other good for the healthy growth of babies are very material.

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