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The reason children like to play with

  "when a child is learning while playing a rubber, while drawing little, sometimes just staring out in a daze ... ... Is it ADHD? "Now, many parents have similar confusion.
in fact, the play is a child's nature, and loves to play would like to play their active imagination. In rubber, the process of painting the villain, is likely to have been immersed in his own story. Therefore, parents should not give children labelled "ADHD", "attention deficit" hat. If persuaded, after being reminded to homework, and purposeful and planned not to trick or treat, you should consider other causes.
first, parents can take advantage of opportunities for the weekend, giving children the opportunity to play with a partner, encourage their bold blend into the crowd.
Second, parents need to think about, daily children's playing time is enough. If too many classes, children are "learning" weight, play will be suppressed for a long time, it is possible to bounce out through various channels.
third, parents may wish to participate in their children's games, and play with his toys, painting. Children have no fear, trust you completely, and then ask him at the right time: "play when you think about what story can you told me to listen to? "And wait for the child to answer. Only children play the real reason, to targeted solutions.

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