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Baby head cradle CAP removal

  according to the neonatal head often has a thick, black, or brown scale-like Cradle cap, let them look dirty. So, young parents want to get rid of this nasty thing, but the old people say, head of Cradle cap can not open, children easily get sick, and some even become mute. However, this claim is not based on science. Babies are born, a layer of oil on the surface of the skin, which is a kind of skin and epithelial cell secretion by the formation of yellow-white substance. If you do not wash your hair after birth, for a long time, these secretions and dust together will form a thick Cradle Cap. No pain no itch, and there's no obvious effects on children's health. But it is after all kinds of dirt, not health, if the summer heat are also affected. Therefore, it should be removed. Cradle cap, once formed, it is difficult to wash off. Some parents are cleaned with SOAP, SOAP, which is not helpful and will stimulate the child's delicate skin.
so, how to get rid of more science? You can use vegetable oil heated after cooling, you can also use local rub paraffin oil, and then soaked gauze compress on his head, scale tires fully softened. General to be available 24 hours after the gauze gently wipe or small comb gently combing my hair, crusts will fall off. If the crust is very thick, dipping oil might go away, repeat the above procedure 2-3, or every day 1-2 vegetable oil until the crusts to soak and then comb. Note never hard comb Cradle cap by hand or with a comb, so as not to damage the scalp, causing infection. The crusts removed, Wash baby's scalp with warm water and towel-dry scalp. Better to cover the baby's head with a towel until hair is dry so as not to catch cold.
in addition, should pay attention to differences between Cradle cap and eczema. Eczema is one of the most common skin disease in infancy, some born in the top similar to eczema and Cradle cap at first glance. So when the parents it is best to ask your doctor. If it is eczema, skin lesions do not use water to wash, especially with hot water and SOAP, can use a disinfecting wipe vegetable oil or paraffin oil, apply lotion should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

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